GUESTROOMSNotice and Rates

  • Twin/Double Room

    Twin/Double Room

    NT $4,400+10%

    Find the best villa in the woodland! Our single house allows guests walk in to experience the highest quality of lodging and accommodations. You definitely want to stop over again!

  • Family Room

    Family Room

    NT $6,600+10%

    Find the most perfect villa experience in the woodland! Our single-family house built in wood house style is perfect for the family to stay for the night. You definitely will find an unforgettable living experience in this villa in the woodland!

  • Wooden Cottage

    Wooden Cottage

    NT $7,000+10%

    The villa in woodland is no more than just a woodland villa! The woodland villa becomes a luxurious mansion with spacious space! Friends and relatives can create happy memories inside the villa!

  • Moss-grown House for 4 ppl

    Moss-grown House for 4 ppl

    NT $7,500+10%

    It has perfect lighting, and simple style with the highest quality of living! It’s perfect for families and friends to get together and have fun. You can relax yourself in the mountain area and purify your soul!

  • Moss-grown House for 6 ppl

    Moss-grown House for 6 ppl

    NT $9,300+10%

    Find a perfect Moss Room! Come and stay at our mountain resort for just one night. Whether you travel with your friends or relatives, or come with the whole families, you can stay at our Moss Room to spend the happy moment throughout the night and have fun!