GUESTROOMSNotice and Rates

  • Twin Room

    Twin Room

    NT $4,400+10%

    For business travelers who want to find a weekend getaway, this is a small paradise for you to spend your happy holidays as you wish!

  • Family Room

    Family Room

    NT $6,200+10%

    Find your perfect getaway in the secluded mountain resorts to stay away from the bustling urban life and traffic. Experience the fun in the mountain areas right now!

  • Penthouse for 6 ppl

    Penthouse for 6 ppl

    NT $8,200+10%

    Forget all about your troubles and worries! Come and stay at the cozy, fashionable designed premium attic room with perfect lighting to let go off a traveler’s fatigue.

  • Deluxe Room

    Deluxe Room

    NT $9,100+10%

    The spacious room with perfect lighting is amazing. The large space allows you to look at the mountain area outside, and live with nature so that you can relax the body, mind, and your spirit.

  • Mingchih Suite

    Mingchih Suite

    NT $17,100+10%

    The big suite creates a great view to view the mountain area afar. Once you enter the room, it is as if you are living with nature. You can live closest to nature and experience how fun it is, and enjoy your life at leisure!