National Center for Traditional Arts

Distance 48.1 Km,Driving time 1 Hr 3 Minute
Located beside Dongshan River in Yilan, National Center for Traditional Arts is designed with the goal of preserving Taiwan traditional arts while helping its renewal and innovation. The exterior ofNational Center for Traditional Arts is in red-tile with modern elements. All buildings and the streets display Taiwan life in earlier time.
National Center for Traditional Arts is a 24-hectare complex park that includes Definitely Taiwanese, Traditional Theater, Outdoor Theater, Modern Theater, Wen-Chang Temple, Exhibition Center, Traditional Handicraft Artists’ Studio, Traditional Music Hall, Library, accommodation area, etc. It helps Taiwan public get close to traditional arts and has the opportunity to participate DIY.
The restaurants in the center serve a variety of Yilan traditional foods and snacks. Yilan foods are so delicious that one should try as many as one can. Moreover, there are many handicraft stores that are popular with tourists. One can buy some interesting crafts as souvenirs. Also, there are sometimes exhibitions and performances in the center for one to enjoy.
The center has shuttle buses that transfer visitors to/from Dongshan River Water Park .

地  址:268 宜蘭縣五結鄉五濱路二段201號
圖文來源: 統一蘭陽藝文股份有限公司 
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