Lanyang Museum

Distance 58.6 Km,Driving time 1 Hr 15 Minute
The museum is located in Toucheng Township, right next to Wushigang in Yilan.
In 1989 Yilan local staff proposed the new development of the museum. In December 1992 Yilan County Government established the Museum Preparatory and Planning Committee and officially named museum as Lanyang Museum. The museum construction began on August 2nd, 2004, and it began its first stage of opening on May 18th, 2010 where only allowed group visits made by advance reservations. The museum was finally opened to public on October 16th, 2010.

The Lanyang Museum’s landscape is a cuesta emerging from the ground.
Cuesta is a geological formation that you commonly seen from Beiguan Coast, Yilan, which the hill or ridge with a gentle less than 5°, slope on one side. Besides the Cuesta shape of landscaping, Lanyang Museum’s exterior walls also were designed to musical notes look. These musical notes are the violin concerto of Vivaldi’s, The Four Seasons, and was displayed by using different texture stones to represent the four seasons of the Lanyang plain, Yilan.

Inside the Lanyang Museum’s exhibitions feature for ‘Mountains Level’, ‘Plains Level’, and ‘Oceans level’ which focus on terrain of Yilan including the plains, mountains and sea. There is large café area, operated by the famous Mr. Brown’s coffee for guests to enjoy after a stroll in the museum. Seeking for an educational filed trip, you can check out the Lanyang museum to learn about Yilan and also nearby the museum there are several beautiful Yilan’s attractions. It will be a good fit for a weekend getaway. 

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