Plum Blossom Lake

Distance 33.7 Km,Driving time 49 Minute
Plum Blossom Lake
The lake has almost everything you can get in the forest and nature. Plum Blossom Lake is a lake in the De-an Village located in Dongshan Township, Yilan County. It’s beautiful scenery, lush green mountain and peaks look awesome as you see the clouds floating by in the sky. Once look down, you can see the shining waves reflected by the sunshine. 

Plum Blossom Lake is surrounded by the mountains. There is a 3 km long road built along the lake. You can see all kinds of flowers and plants when you walk along the trail besides lake. 

The flowers are in full blossom, and it looks gorgeous. There is one suspension bridge at the center of the east coast lake, which can connect to the road built along the lake and the island right in the lake center. If you stand on the island, you can overlook the entire lake. There are plenty of free zones for camping. You can enjoy a moment of peace in the wild if you decide to camp by the lake for the night. It looks just amazing.
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