Tangweigou Jiaosi Hot Spring Park

Distance 51.7 Km,Driving time 1 Hr 8 Minute

Hot springs are the most valuable treasure in Jiaoxi. 

It is also a natural resource we can use in this hot spring area to help us run hot spring businesses in many ways. As the hot-spring resource was developed, people found these in the hot spring —the soft-shelled turtle, gold fish, and they are four treasures of hot spring. These have become the local specialties for the local people who are so proud of what they have. It creates more valuable assets for tourism and travel for them. 

Besides the hot spring, Jiaoxi Township has plenty of waterfalls, mountain lakes, rivers, walking trails, and other natural resource like the landscape. It has carried on the history and humanities as well as traditional culture on its shoulder. It has the advantages to become a tourism spot for bountiful resource and development, plus the local people are simple and passionate. It allows Jiaoxi to stand out in the competition as the Top 10 Tourism Town in Taiwan. It has awarded with the prize as the “Taiwan Top 10 Tourism Town”.
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