PARK TOURTour and Activity

  • C.K.S. Memorial Hall

    C.K.S. Memorial Hall

    This place used to be called "Hospitality Suite Resort" Because of C.K.S., who used to live here. Thus, it changed its name. From C.K.S. Memorial Hall, you can look at the past life of Mr. C.K.S., his belongings, pictures, and historic relics.

  • View Deck with 3 Rivers Converged

    View Deck with 3 Rivers Converged

    In front of the C.K.S. Memorial Hall, there are 3 small mountains formed in turtle shapes. It fits in the slope known as “an omen for 3 turtles resembling longevity,” and Lanyang, Duo-wang, and Tian Guer are the 3 rivers converged here to form a stream, which creates the slope of “all rivers converged to its stream.” It is said the place has perfect Feng-shui. It is also one of the scenic spots for tourists to appreciate natural wonders.

  • Mini Jungle Trail hiking

    Mini Jungle Trail hiking

    Mini Jungle Trail total length of 2.1 km, stroll the forest primeval forest trails, full of natural ferns and vines, enjoy the mountains phytoncid, it is recommended to wear casual sneakers.

  • Forestry Historic Site Showcas

    Forestry Historic Site Showcas

    Display of the Veteran Staff of Forest Protection Department for their works of interpretation of the stand of fallen wood dry, bucking, nursery and the dynamic demonstrations of woodland gathering.