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NO.6 Confucius
Species Chamaecyparis formosensis
Height (m) 41
Bust (m) 7
Diameter (m) 2.23
Eruption Year 551 B.C. 

Confucius, well known in China as K'ung-tzu, alias K'ung ch'iu and Chung-ni. Confucius was born in the Kingdom of Lu during the Spring and Autumn Period (772-481BC). Because of his tireless love of studing , he was noted for hls etiquette science at the age of thirty. He served in various official posts, and had won outstanding fame. His poIiticaI phiIosophy was" a worId in comnon, a worId for alI ". His theory was based on benevolence, with loyalty and forgiveness as guides to human behavior. He advocated that" education recognizes no castes". Confucius was honored by subsequent generations as "the Supreme Sage".

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