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Han Shih-chung

NO.10 Han Shih-chung
Species Chamaecyparis formosensis
Height (m) 34
Bust (m) 6.28
Diameter (m) 2
Eruption Year 1089 A.D. 

Han Shih-chung,alias Liang-chen, was from Sui-te. He was a famous general in the South Sung Dynasty. At the age of 18, he joined the army. In the battle against the invasion of the West Hsia, he won the top honor. Later with the assistance of his wife Liang Hung-yu, he had fought successfully against the Tartars. When Kao-chung was enthroned, Shin-chung was appointed the Garrison Commander in Chekiang. In a subsequent military engagement at Chang-I, he subdued overwhelmingly the Tartars and the combined forces of Dummy Chi. Unfortunately, when the government and the Tartars sat at the negotiation table, he was relieved of his position owing to his position owing to his opposition of the peace talk.

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