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Chu-ke Liang

NO.12 Chu-ke Liang
Species Chamaecyparis formosensis
Height (m) 33
Bust (m) 6.44
Diameter (m) 2.05
Eruption Year 1808 A.D. 

Chu-ke Liang, alias Kung-ming, was from I-nan, Shan--tung Province. In the latter years of the East Han Dynasty, he secluded himself in a smalI viIIage Lung-chung of Nan-young, yet he pay much attention to the affairs of the nation and being caII the "SIeeping Dragon". At the age of 27, Chu-ke Liang was visited thrice by Liu Pei the later emperer, who urged him to come out of retreatment and to become the latter's strategist. When Liu Pei took the throne, Chu-ke Liang was appointed the Premier. After the death of Liu Pei, Chu-ke Liang was still in position assisting the young heir. His royalty as well as his patriotism had earned him the great respect from people. His famous writing "On the Eve of D-Day", popular ever since his time among the Chinese-speaking people, demonstrated clearly his sincerity, royalty and his patriotism.

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