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Wu Che-tien

NO.13 Wu Che-tien
Species Chamaecyparis formosensis
Height (m) 31
Bust (m) 7.07
Diameter (m) 2.25
Eruption Year 624 A.D. 

Wu Che-tien, alias Ming-kung, was from Wen-chow, Shan-hsi Province. At 14, because of her beauty, she was named the "Genius Girlie" by Tang Tai-chung, the emperor. After the death of Tai-chung, Che-tien converted at Temple Kan-yeh as a nun for five years. Somehow, Kao-chung, son of Taichung, fell in love with her and took her as the Empress, and named her "Chao-I". She, too, was allowed to participate in national affairs at the same time. During the eighth year.of Chung-chung period, she took over the reign and appointed herself the emperor, holding the helm for the next 40 years and being the only ladyemperor in the Chinese history.

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