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Liu Shiu

NO.29 Liu Shiu
Species Chamaecyparis formosensis
Height (m) 38
Bust (m) 8.71
Diameter (m) 2.60
Eruption Year 5 B.C. 

Liu Shiu, enthroned with the title of "Kuan Wu Ti" in the Han Dynasty, was from Chao-yang, Hu-pei Provine. Actually he was the ninth generation of Kao-chu.of the Han Dynasty. In the third year of Ti-hung peiod, famine prevailed at Nan-yang area causing ensuing thefts and robberies. Seizing this oppotunity, Liu Shiu rised in arms defeating the troops led by Wang Mung, thus laying the foundation for his dynasty. Among the political features he practiced were" following the principle of frugality and setting examples personally", "to pacify the subjects and to supervise the pubIic functionaries", "to govern with amiable measures", and "to promote morale and to respect freedom". AlI of these contributed very mich to uphold the prestige and influence of the Han dynasty.

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