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Cheng Cheng-kung

NO.32 Cheng Cheng-kung
Species Chamaecyparis taiwanensis
Height (m) 29
Bust (m) 4.08
Diameter (m) 1.30
Eruption Year 1624 A.D. 

Cheng Cheng-kung, alias Shen, also known as Ta-mu, was form Nan-an, Fukien Province. He passed the examination and won the title "Hsiu Tsai" at only 15, and was given the Imperial surname "Chu" by the Emperor. At the time people called him "Kuo-Hsing-Yeh". When the Manchu troops marched through Shan-hai-kwan, Cheng-kung vowed to fight against the invaderf, and stationed at Kinmen and Amoy. Later he defeated the Hollander and recovered Taiwan, where he stationed his soldiers in the farm, established the government and enacted the law. To the exploitation of Taiwan, Cheng Cheng-Kung's contribution was massive, to say the least.

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