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Genghis Khan

NO.40 Genghis Khan
Species Chamaecyparis formosensis
Height (m) 38
Bust (m) 5.65
Diameter (m) 1.80
Eruption Year 1155 A.D. 

Genghis Khan, also known in China as Yuan Tai Chu, surnamed Chiwowen with Tiehmuchen as his first ' name, was originaIIy a MongoIian Chieftain for generations. At 13, his father died and the underIings rised in. rebellion. Under the hostile environment, the bereaved mother and son had been to suffer years of anxiety and agony. When Tiehmuchen grew up, he became a great miIitary strategist. He fought here and there, deploying his troops at swift speed. In 1206 AD, he was enthroned as “Ta Han” of the Mongolia and named himse If Genghis Khan. MeanwhiIe, he continued to invade China, Western Liao, Western Hsia , Russia , etc . Histerritories , in its prime time, covered Eurpe and Asia.

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