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Wang Yang-minhg

NO.46 Wang Yang-minhg
Species Chamaecyparis formosensis
Height (m) 39
Bust (m) 3.77
Diameter (m) 1.20
Eruption Year 1472 A.D. 

Wang Yang-minhg, alias Shou-ren, also known as Poan, was from Yu-yau, Cheking Province. He was dubbed as "Mr. Yung-ming" because he had studied at Yang-ming" because he had studied at Yang-ming Cave of Sze-ming Mountain while young. Being conferred with the title "Chin-shih" at 27, he was hence promoted to Minister of Justice and then Minister of Defence. He had subdued one by one rebellions that took place at changnan, Ta-mu-shan and Chen-hao. In the literary world, he had advocated theories that "Knowledge and action are one another", and "To extend instinct to the utmost". He wrote "The Collections of Wang Yang-ming", totalling 30 volumes.

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