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Pao Cheng

NO.26 Pao Cheng
Species Chamaecyparis formosensis
Height (m) 51
Bust (m) 7.70
Diameter (m) 2.30
Eruption Year 990 A.D. 

Pao Cheng, alias Hsi-ren, was from Ho-fei, An-hwei Province. At 28, he was conferred the title "Chin-shin", and then was promoted successively from a County Chief to Emperial Censor, and then Emperial Advisor, etc. Being Dubbed as "Blue Sky Pao", he was both straightforward and incorruptible. He stood tall and hated injustice. Oftentimes, he had acted on his own to clarify the sins of the innocents from being prisoned. His deportment, praised ever since, lives with us

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