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Tsao Tsao

NO.45 Tsao Tsao
Species Chamaecyparis formosensis
Height (m) 32
Bust (m) 7.70
Diameter (m) 2.45
Eruption Year 115 A.D. 

Tsao Tsao, alias Meng-te, nicknamed An-man, was from Hao Hsien, An-hwei Province. In the later years of the East Han Dynasty, Tsao Tsao was involved in the military action to quash the "Yellow Cap Rebellion". Taking this opportunity, he gave orders under the name of Hsien-ti, thus to command all other marquises. Somehow, he was finally defeated in the battle of Chi-pi. The most controversial figure in the Chinese history, Tsao Tsao, nevertheless, was a prominent politician and military strategist during the period of the Three Kingdbms.

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