Stroll along the woodland path and enjoy the romantic moment when you see the streaming sunbeams from the gaps between the leaves. The Cilan Forest Recreation Area is known for its unblemished natural view. It allows people to simply indulge themselves in nature! Cilan is located in Datong Township, Yilan county where the river convergence occurs among Lanyang River, Dowan Creek, and Tiangu'er Creek. With green hills and blue waters and green green grass, it is an excellent holiday resort for relaxing the body, mind and spirit.
The park planned a walking trail to take a forest bath in the natural hardwood forest so that tourists are allowed to freely linger along the beautiful waters and mountains while walking along the trails. All kinds of flowers and trees were planted in the lookout area along the garden walking trail. Coffee and refreshments are offered.
In addition to its beautiful forest forms, the garden has set up the "CKS Guesthouses." It also displayed the "Forestry Historical Relic Park" for the large machinery used by the foresters in ancient times. Tourists are allowed to enjoy Nature and experience the beauty of humanity for its local characteristics!