Jimi Square - Yilan Station

Distance 39.0 Km,Driving time 57 Minute
The south side of Yilan Station was designed as an old dormitory area for the Taiwan Railways Administration. It not only preserves the historic architectures and old banyan trees, but also creates a new place for the first Jimi Square theme plaza in Taiwan by taking advantage of the waste area.
The Square was designed using “memorable landscape at this moment” as the theme. All Installation Arts were taken directly from the works of the well-known children’s book illustrator “Jimi”. In the illustration book Left Right Left, the main actor and main actress walk their own ways to get to the plaza. The scene was represented once again in the square.  In the illustration book Starry, Starry Night, a boy and a girl are waiting at the bus stop to go to school and go home. Such scene was also represented by the road nearby the square.
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