Luodong Forestry Culture Garden

Distance 37.2 Km,Driving time 55 Minute
Luodong Forestry Culture Garden was located inside the Luodong Township at Yilan County.In the early stage when the wood industry was thriving, this was a place for people to gather and collect the wood for materials in Luodong area. 

The place had plenty of natural resources in the woodland. It was called one of the top three best-known forest areas in Taiwan in addition to Mt. Ali and Mt. Basian. This place was rebuilt and changed to become a forest culture park in 1982 when the Taiwan government requested that they stop chopping down the woods. 

There are plenty of lush green trees and plants inside the park, which creates a more comfortable area for people to visit. In particular, you can take a deep breath in the forest. It will make you feel so refreshed and you will feel good about your body and mind.
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