Dongshan River Water Park

Distance 40.4 Km,Driving time 1 Hr 5 Minute
Recreational Facilities of Dongshan River Water Park
Dongshan River Water Park is a recreational scenic spot for amphibians. In the park, there are several areas like ecological conservation zone, water zone, recreational activity zone, water park, and the shore zone as planning.

 It has become the most well equipped “Outdoor Waterpark Museum” in Wujie Township, Yilan County. Inside the Dongshan River Water Park, the water zone and the river tour are the most attractive areas for everyone. You can even experience walking through the exciting pool by using the new water sport facilities, or play in the pond for boating, go to the outdoor theater, or stay at the pavilion to watch the stars or moon. 

The landscaping design is breathtaking.
You should look at the creative swimming pool. The pool allows both adults and kids to indulge in the water land and have a lot of fun.
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