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Yen Chen-Chin

NO.8 Yen Chen-Chin
Species Chamaecyparis formosensis
Height (m) 40
Bust (m) 11
Diameter (m) 3.50
Eruption Year 709 A.D. 

Yen Chen-Ching, alias Ching-Chen, was from Changan, Shen-si Province. At the time when An Lu-shen rebelled, he was stationed at Ping-yuan as a prefect, fighting against the rebellion force. Later, he was repeatedly promoted until to the post of vice Premier when he was bestowed the title of "Lu Chun-Kung". In the fourth year of Chien-chun period, Lee Hsilieh rised in arms, Chen-ching was ordered to pacify Lee but was taken into custody by the latter. When Chen-ching refused to surrender, he was slain. To be called as "Yen Lu Kung" by the later generations, Chen-ching was also a great calligrapher known for his mighty macho style.

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