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Ouyang Hsi

NO.4 Ouyang Hsi
Species Chamaecyparis formosensis
Height (m) 41
Bust (m) 6
Diameter (m) 1.91
Eruption Year 1236 A.D. 

Wen Tien-Hsiang, alias Sung-tuan and wen-shan,was from Chisui, Kiang-hsi Province. At the age of 20, he passed the national examination and won the title of "Chin Shin", and then he was promoted to "Chuang Yuan'' by the emperor and was appointed Governor of Kiang-hsi. In the late years of the South Sung Dynasty,army from Mongolia. began to invade, and Tien-hsiang was summoned to assist the emperor and was promoted to the posit ion of Vice Premier, bestowing the tile of "Hsin Kou Kung".Unfortunately, he was defeated resulting in his capture and was retained in Yen-ching. For three years, he had never succumbed to the enemy's persuasion for surrender. On the end, he was executed. Before he was sent to the axe, he had composed the famous "Song of Righteourness", a song fulI of melancholy of unaccomplished feeling and strong sense of patriotism.

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