Mingchi Itinerary – Nighttime Ecological Observation

Mingchi, nestled within the misty forests of the northern segment of the Xueshan Mountain Range in the Lily Magao Ecological Park, spans approximately 20 square kilometers with minimal human interference. The biodiversity remains stable, and the natural ecosystem thrives day and night, offering significant opportunities for environmental and ecological education. During the nighttime, visitors coexist with nature, exploring the shores of Mingchi Lake under the dimly lit night sky. They find tranquility, listen to the symphony of the nocturnal forest, and enjoy a most precious ecological journey.



☑ Every evening from 19:30 to 20:30, with each session lasting approximately 1 hour, led by a guide from the Mingchi Resort.

Registration and Fees


☑ Please make a reservation 3 days in advance to facilitate scheduling of tour guides.
☑ The standard fee is NT$250 per person, with a special rate of NT$200 for villa guests.
☑ Each session is limited to 15 participants. Please contact the Mingchi Resort front desk to make a reservation, subject to availability.

Other Considerations


☑ Please refrain from wearing slippers, flip-flops, or open-toed shoes to prevent injuries.
☑ Parents with accompanying (holding) young children are required to ensure their safety. Children under 6 years of age cannot participate without parental supervision.
☑ The park area has dim lighting, so please avoid running, wandering off, or leaving the group without permission to prevent accidents.
☑ The forest serves as a home to many animals. Show respect by keeping your voices down and speaking softly, avoiding loud noises.
☑ In case of rainy weather, the activity will be adjusted to an indoor ecological lecture.
☑ For any further details, please refer to announcements at the resort’s on-site counter, and feel free to contact us by phone.

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